Level 12 (1500/2500/2500)
Total Day 1B Entrants: 151
Day 1B Players remaining: 30

With just 20 minutes left in the day's play, a surprising amount of action can be found at the tables. Both small and medium stacks have been shoving preflop and on the flop, but, of course, many of these shoves are justified.

Kasey Stanford (pictured) opens the pot for 5,600 and Jason White shoves for 45,000. Everyone else gets out of the way and Stanford thinks it over but eventually makes the call.

Kasey Stanford - A♠T♠
Jason White - AK♣

White has Stanford dominated but must hold to stay alive. The flop comes Q8♠2, keeping White ahead, but the T on the turn reverses the percentages in Stanford's favor.

"Oh, no," White says as the dealer completes the board with the Q.

Kasey Stanford - 246,000

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