Level 8 (500/1,000/100)
Total Entrants: 287
Day 1C Entrants: 125

During the search for the chip leader, a few players were in contention for the top stack heading into the last four levels of play. Once we reached Shane Smith (pictured), the search was over. Smith is sitting behind a blockade of 10-stacks that equal 200,000. 

Smith's pace is lapping the field, with no one else over 125,000 at this stage. Smith is sitting on the direct right of Cody Pack, who is holding his own with 110,000. The 223,500 of Chris Staats is the overall number to beat and Smith is well on his way toward climbing over that mark. 

The next four levels will determine the final stack of Smith but at this stage, it is more or less a lock that he is on to Day 2. 

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