Level 9 (600/1200/1200)
Total Day 1C Entrants: 143
Day 1C Players remaining: 45

We caught up with McKenney, Texas resident and RunGood's hottest tournament player Simon Webster (pictured) during the break to get more of the story behind his whirlwind year. Webster says he's played poker for a long, long time but never played tournaments because he just didn't think he had the patience for it.

In fact, his time for play has to compete with the responsibility of raising triplets at home, and owning a credit repair company.

"I went through a divorce about a year and a half ago," Webster explains, "and friends of mine were telling me about tournaments they were going to. So, eventually I decided to tag along and take a shot."

In his first outing at the WSOPC in Durant, Webster finished 10th, 14th, and 8th in three different events over a two-week period for over $25,000 in prize money. From that experience, Webster realized he had a talent for tournament poker.

We asked him what he thinks it is that makes him so good, and the answer was surprisingly insightful.

"There are a lot of styles that work," he answered, "You just have to take advantage of what you do well. I'm pretty aggressive, but I also pot control a lot. I also fold a lot of big hands to pressure, and pick up a lot of small pots so that I have the chips to survive the coolers when they come up. For that reason, I'm very active early in a tournament."

He went on to say that being able to read people is a huge advantage.

Webster says it's difficult to play big tournaments regularly, as he has the triplets from Thursday-Saturday each week. So for now he plans to just stay the course and play the big events in the area as he can, and perhaps travel for larger events in the future.

Based on the results so far, we expect nothing but greatness.

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