Level 6 (300/600/600)
Total Entrants: 120

We first met Simon Webster (pictured) in March at our stop in Bossier City. He's a memorable character, not because of how he finished (5th for $10,898), but because of how he started--by introducing himself to us and others at the venue. Friendly, funny, and often charming, Simon is a people person we figured for an amateur on a hot streak.

We couldn't have been more wrong.

Back in March, Webster had just six cashes on his Hendon Mob page:  three from January and three from February. Which isn't to say they were small-potatoes events--the largest cash was for $37,090 in Thackerville; and combined his winnings over that two months came to $64,059.

Seeing Webster in the field for Flight C, we checked his Hendon Mob results once again. He's had 29 cashes this year for $178,735--and that's just the events the Hendon Mob tracks. Nothing before 2018, and now a slew of cashes, including 10 final tables and one championship.

Simon, we need to talk.

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