Level 24 (5000/20000/40000)
Entrants: 199
Players remaining: 3
Average chips: 1,326,666

Level 23 went relatively uneventful. No all-ins called. The players have settled into a small ball game, with minimum bets being the norm.  Not much has changed in the current chip counts, except for one hand where Grant Hinkle's Q♥Q♦ held up against Jesse Jones's A♥J♦ on a board of K♦J♠T♠6♥6♣.

Here's where the players stack up:

Seat Player Chip Count
3 JD Hays 600,000
8 Jesse Jones 1,080,000
9 Grant Hinkle 2,300,000
Downstream casinoMain eventRungood poker series