Level 16 (3000/6000/6000)
Total Entries: 386
Players Remaining: 32
Chip Average: 241,250

We missed the early action and come to the table with the board reading K642. Craig Welko (pictured) and Shawn McCracken check it to Simon Webster, who bets 38,000 into a pot of around 90,000. Welko asks how much it is, and upon getting the answer, raises to 100,000 straight. McCracken quickly moves all-in for around 375,000.

Webster folds, but Welko snap-calls, turning over AT for the nut flush. McCracken reveals KK♣ for top set. McCracken has Welko covered, but will be left with about 75,000 if the board fails to pair.

The river brings the 3, and the massive pot goes to Welko, who now holds the chip lead. John Moore is second in chips with 500,000.

Craig Welko - 588,000
Simon Webster - 295,000
Shawn McCracken - 74,000


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