Level 16 (3,000/6,000/1,000)
Total Entrants: 293
Players Remaining: 22
Chip Average: 266,000

RunGood's Dan Lowery (pictured) has been on the move for all of Day 2 and is now the chip leader with 22 left after taking out Shane Smith. The start of Day 2 chip leader had all the outs he could want but Lowery held on to score the key knockout. 

Smith opened under the gun to 16,000 and Norm Glueckert called in the hijack. Lowery three-bet to 41,000 from the cutoff and both opponents called to the J♠94 flop. Smith open-shoved for 130,000 and once Glueckert folded, Lowery called with K♣K♠.

Smith's Q10 had a mountain of outs aside from the two dead kings but the 7♣ turn and 10♠ river were not among them. Lowery picked up the pot and is playing 750,000, putting him about 100,000 ahead of JD Akins and Daniel Stone.

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