Level 16 (1000/3000/6000)
Entrants: 199
Players remaining: 21
Average chips: 180,509

Ben Burnett, who has 72,000 left, raises to 24,000 from middle position and Craig Dick (pictured) shoves over the top for 190,000. It folds back to Burnett who wastes no time calling off the remainder of his stack.

Ben Burnett - Q♣J♣
Craig Dick - K♦K♣

The dealer spreads a flop of T♣9♥7♦, giving Burnett an up-and-down straight draw for a decent sweat. The turn is the J♦, which adds two more outs for Burnett. But the 4♣ river seals the deal for pocket kings and Burnett exits in 24th place.

Craig Dick - 267,000
Ben Burnett - out

Two more players were eliminated while writing up this post and we are now on the money bubble with play progressing hand-for-hand.

Last woman standing Joyce Thomas shoved all-in with AxKx and was called by Matt Ellis holding QxQx. And ace came on the flop and held. Thomas now sits on a stack of 122,000.

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