Level 24 (5000/20000/40000)
Entrants: 199
Players remaining: 1
Average chips: 3,980,000

Jesse Jones (pictured), with around 600,000, completes the 40,000 big blind from the button only to have Grant Hinkle move all in. Jones calls immediately and the hands are turned up.

Jones - 4♣4♦
Hinkle - 3♣3♦

Jones is way ahead, even having Hinkle's suits covered. But poker is a cruel game, and this flop was one, as well:  K♠9♠3♥. Just like that, Jones went from a huge favorite to a huge dog. With no backdoor straight or flush possibilities, Jones must catch one of the two remaining fours left in the deck to stay alive. Neither the 7♥ turn nor the J♥ river bring the help he needs, and Jones's fate is sealed.

The Springfield, Missouri, native finishes in second place and takes home $19,654 for his efforts in the Main Event. Congratulations on a fine performance!

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