Level 6 (300/600/75)
Day 1B Entrants: 79
Total Entrants: 153

Halfway through play in Day 1B, Marvin Donaldson (pictured) has established himself as the early chip leader. As yours truly can attest to, Donaldson is a tough player to face off against with his unconventional aggression coming from all angles. That style of play is serving Donaldson well so far on Day 1B as he is sitting behind 75,000 chips. 

Donaldson made the money in the RG DeepStack event on Thursday and is looking for his second cash of the week in DownStream. Overall, Donaldson's career tournament winnings are knocking on the door of $60,000. 

The current stack of Donaldson won't hold for long as the #1 spot but if he continues to chip up at this rate, he may finish the night as the chip leader with a cruise seat in sight. 

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