Level 19 (6,000/12,000/2,000)
Total Entrants: 293
Players Remaining: 17
Chip Average: 345,000

RG Tulsa Main Event final tablists Jon Bennett and Shane Fuller (pictured) are both alive with two tables left in their pursuit of consecutive top-10 finishes. Bennett is sitting above the chip average on one table and Fuller was almost out the door at the other. Thankfully, the straight flush came home and Fuller is going to stick around for the time being. 

On a flop of K♠9♠5, Fuller checked his big blind and Michael Beaty bet 46,000 in the lojack. Fuller check-raised all-in for 185,000 total and Beaty called with A♠6♠. Fuller's Q♠J♠ had fewer outs than he expected but he found one on the Q turn. The 10♠ hit the river and Beaty celebrated thinking he had won.

Fuller's straight flush was the best hand, though, and he doubles to 440,000. Beaty is down to 430,000 as play is seven eliminations away from this weekend's final table.

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