Level 20 (8,000/16,000/2,000)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 379
Players Remaining: 15
Chip Average: 505,000

One short stack and the last of the RunGood team have been eliminated with Dan Dombrowski and Michael Sanders both on the rail now. 

17th Place - Dan Dombrowski ($2,206)

Dombrowski was the first to go when his last 117,000 went in with K8 and fell to the 1010♠ of Chris Drake. Drake is now playing 850,000 and pushing Troy Repp for the chip lead. On the other table, it was Repp who busted out Sanders.

16th Place - Michael Sanders ($2,206)

Sanders opened for 36,000 in early position and got calls from Garrett Bradley on the button and Repp in the big blind. The 9♣6♠4♣ flop checked through and Repp bet 40,000 on the 10♠ turn.

Sanders jammed for 235,000 total and once Bradley got out of the way, Repp called. Sanders showed K♣J for a straight draw and two overs against the Q♠10 of Repp. Despite the outs at his disposal, Sanders missed on the 6 river. Repp is the first player over 1,000,000 and is playing 1,325,000.

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