Level 13 (1,500/3,000/500)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 379
Players Remaining: 67
Chip Average: 113,000

Richard Toomer's Day 2 got off to a delayed start but he was able to recover with an early knockout. 

The field is decreasing at a quick rate on Day 2 and Richard Toomer is responsible for lightening the field by one more player. Toomer showed up a few minutes late to start his run at a title but made up for that by quickly adding chips to his stack. 

Jon Stanfield moved all-in for about 40,000 in the cutoff and Toomer called on the button to put Stanfield at risk. Both blinds released and Toomer turned over A♣10♠, giving him a head start on Stanfield's 54.

The J♠J7♠33♣ board allowed Toomer's hand to hold up and secure the elimination. Toomer is now playing close to 230,000 but has plenty to worry about with Ryan Phan, Justin Gardenhire and start of day chip leader Michael Gebhardt all on his direct left.
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