Level 19 (6,000/12,000/2,000)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 379
Players Remaining: 24
Chip Average: 316,000

Troy Repp is the new chip leader thanks to his call on the river to eliminate Sean Lindsey.

Following the elimination of Rob Palacios, Troy Repp became the last former RunGood Main Event Champion still in the field. Repp already has one final table to his name from this season and is closing in on another with a correct call against Sean Lindsey boosting him up the leaderboard. 

Repp opened for 25,000 from early position and Lindsey called out of the big blind. Lindsey checked the A♣7♣5 flop and Repp bet 35,000. Lindsey called and then checked the Q turn. Repp put out 50,000 more and Lindsey called taking the hand to the J♠ river.

Lindsey changed his plan of action and shoved for 208,000 total. Repp faced a call for most of his chips and after a minute in the tank, called with A♠5♣. Lindsey showed A♣2 and exited the field. Repp is playing over 825,000 and is the new chip leader.

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