Level 6 (300/600/75)
Day 1A entries: 66

We arrived at the table to see a heads up pot between Cory Harwig and Mike White. The board reads 7♦6♠2♦K♦. Harwig is on the button and White checks from the big blind. Harwig bets 10,000 and White check-calls.

The river brings the A♠ ad White checks again. Harwig immediately announces all-in. The bet is for 28,875 and White goes into the tank. He has just over 30,000 behind and if he calls and loses it will be a crippling blow.

After a minute and a half of anguish, White makes the call and gets the bad news. Harwig shows A♦9♦ for the nut flush. White mucks but the dealer turns it over to show White held 8♦5♦ for a smaller flush.

Cory Harwig - 64,800
Mike White - 1,625

White rebounded to 12,000 but was eliminated shortly after in a three-way pot against Cash Carpenter and a third player. White held AxJx. Carpenter held AxQx. The third player held 8x8x. A queen hit the turn to award the pot to Carpenter.

Cash Carpenter - 43,600
Mike White - Out


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