Level 1 (100/100)
Total Entrants: 30

Late arrivals, including RG Pro Dan Lowery, are trickling in to fill up the tables, but don't the let the small Day 1A field fool you--play is just as tough as ever among competitive players, even in the early going.

Joe Becchina opens the pot from under-the-gun to 200 and Papa Karn (pictured) calls from middle position. Terry Gardner three-bets on the button to 900. The blinds fold and both Becchina and Karn call.

The flop brings J♠5♠2♦. Becchina checks and Karn bets 1,600. Gardner calls and Becchina folds. The turn is the A♦, and Karn pauses for a few seconds before checking his option. Gardner reaches for chips and tosses in a bet of 2,200.

Karn checks his cards but folds after a few seconds thought.

Terry Gardner - 22,600
Papa Karn - 16,500
Joe Becchina - 17,400

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