Level 7 (400/800/800)
Total Entrants: 57

When it comes to small pairs, a common saying in poker is, "No set, no bet." But don't tell that to Dan Lowery. William Scarsdale opens the pot from middle position and Ray Henson three-bets to 3,200. Dan Lowery (pictured) calls, Nam Phan calls, and Scarsdale calls. With 12,800 already in the pot, four players see a flop of K♣8♥2♠. Each player checks in turn.

The turn is the A♥. Scarsdale checks, followed by Henson. Lowery reaches for chips and bets 6,000. Phan calls and the others fold. The river is the 5♣. Lowery checks and Phan quickly checks behind.

Lowery turns over 6♠6♥ and Phan throws in his cards.

Dan Lowery - 83,600
Ray Henson - 28,700
Nam Phan - 38,500
WIlliam Scarsdale - 36,000

Harrah's north kansas cityMain eventRungood poker series