Level 9 (600/1200/1200)
Total Entrants: 63

Justin Young (pictured) limps from under-the-gun and Chris Horter raises from middle position to 2,500. Papa Karn calls in the cutoff and it folds back to Young, who three-bets to 8,000.  Horter folds and Karn calls.

The flop comes K♦7♦6♥. Young continues for 12,000 and Karn calls.  The turn is the 9♠, and Young moves all-in for 17,500. Karn quickly calls.

"That's not good," Young says, but when the cards are turned up, Young is well ahead.

Justin Young - A♥A♣
Papa Karn - K♠Q♦

Karn needs to improve or be left with fewer than five big blinds. The river brings paint, but not what Karn needs when the J♥ hits the felt.

Justin Young - 82,800
Papa Karn - 5,400

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