Level 12 (1500/2500/2500)
Total Entrants: 137
Day 1B players remaining: 34

Angel Escobar (pictured) raises from early position to 5,000 and the action folds to Craig Dick in the big blind, who shoves all-in for around 40,000. Escobar has 23,500 behind and goes into the tank. He holds up his cards where we can see them, but the rest of the table cannot--he holds A♦K♦.

One minute goes by, then two. The rail, who has seen Escobar's hand, are whispering to each other, wondering what's taking Escobar so long. As we approach the 3-minute mark, Escobar says, "Sorry, guys. I just need a second."

The table remains patient, and 30 seconds later Escobar pushes in the call.

Angel Escobar - A♦K♦
Craig Dick - A♥9♣

"This is the worst hand you've seen me shove with," Dick says, obviously disappointed with Escobar's call.

The board runs out J♣5♥3♥8♣Q♣, leaving Escobar with the best ace-high.

The players at the table start to rib Escobar about how long he took to call the bet. Julian Black, seated between Dick and Escobar, said, "I tank a lot, but never with that hand." As Black puts out his big blind and ante, he continues, "I'll tank again, too. If you raise my s***, I'll tank. I'll tank so hard you won't go home tonight."

The table erupts in laughter as the last hand of the day is dealt.

Angel Escobar - 58,500
Craig Dick - 16,500

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