Level 1 (25/50)
Day 1B entries: 90

Level one is only half over and we've already exceeded yesterday's field with 90 seat sold. With a reputation for putting the fun back in poker, it's not surprising that many of the faces we see are familiar. Over the next few posts, we'd like to introduce you to the players who make the RunGood Poker Series a success.

Let's start with Ryan Anderson (pictured). Anderson is playing his first RGPS series, but has been a regular on the WSOP Circuit and veteran of most poker series both big and small. But that doesn't necessarily mean he's playing the tournaments. He has been primarily a cash game grinder since his retirement from the military in 2007. 

When asked about his prior tournament, he doesn't mince words...or even use words at all. He just shakes his head. He's still looking for his first big score.

"I won a satellite to a $7,500 tournament in Chicago for something called the Winter Classic. That's the biggest one," he says. "I mostly play cash."

Anderson served in the U.S. Army. After being injured in an IED attack (and being shot in the back in the incident, to boot), he retired from military service and has been making his living on the felt.

With two hands to go in Flight A last night, Anderson exited the tournament when his K♦J♣ couldn't improve against Justin Gardenhire's A♣T♠. We asked him about the hand and what went into his thought process. (Click here for the hand recap.)

"I had around 80,000-90,000 at my peak and had been bleeding off for hours. I was card dead and when I did have something it wasn't enough. So when I picked up king-jack off, it looked like aces to me. But honestly, I had ten big blinds, so with a raise and two callers, I only need 10% equity to shove there. Plus, I didn't want to limp into Day 2."

Anderson is back to take another shot in Flight B and we'll be paying a little extra attention to his stack throughout.

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