Level 3 (200/300/300)
Total Entrants: 99

Angel Escobar (pictured) and RG Pro Dan Lowery are mixing it up on Table 21. As we arrive at the table, Lowery calls a raise of 600 to see a flop, as does Angel Escobar and four other players. A dry flop of QxJx3x is spread, and Lowery check-calls a bet from Escobar.

"I was folding but now that the reporter is here, we've gotta make something happen," Lowery says to a chorus of laughter.

The turn brings a 7x, and both players check. Both players check down the Kx river. Escobar shows Qx2x for a pair of queens and takes the pot.

Two hands later, they tangle again.

Lowery raises from middle position to 500. Escobar calls in the cutoff, the button calls, Scotter Clark calls in the small blind, and Seth Evans calls in the big blind. The flop comes K♦K♥5♥. The blinds check to Lowery and he continues for 1,500.

Escobar calls and everyone else folds. The turn brings the Q♦. Lowery bets 3,100. Escobar considers for only a moment before announcing a raise to 7,000. Lowery quickly calls.

The river is the 9♦. Lowery checks and Escobar checks behind, turning over his hand to show J♦5♦ for a flush. Lowery turns over K♣J♠ for trip kings.

Suddenly, Escobar turns his hand face down, looks back, and turns his hand face-up again. The floor is called, who rules that since Escobar's hand never hit the muck, it is live. With the ruling made, Escobar collects the pot.

Angel Escobar - 44,400
Dan Lowery - 35,500

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