Level 9 (600/1200/1200)
Total Entrants: 137
Day 1B players remaining: 50

We missed the action, but in the opening minutes of Level 9, RG Pro Dan Lowery and Michael "Sleepy Mike" Adams got into a hand that saw Lowery exit the tournament and earned Adams a one-round penalty.

We caught up with Adams while serving his penalty and asked him what happened. According to Adams, on an ace-high flop with two clubs, Adams bet and Lowery raised. Adams called and turned over his hand, JxJx, but it turns out Lowery had two black chips behind and was not all-in.

"I just didn't see that he had chips behind. I called and fully expected the dealer to say, 'Turn them up.'"

Lowery did move all-in and Adams did call, but the early exposure of his hand earned Adams a one-round penalty. Lowery's flush and pair outs failed to arrive, ending the RunGood Pro's Flight B run.

Michael Adams - 60,000

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