Level 4 (200/300/300)
Total Entrants: 99

As we arrive at Table 14, the cutoff has raised to 900 and both Rodney Spriggs (pictured, center) in the small blind and Paul Strohm (pictured, right) in the big blind have called.

The dealer puts out a flop of J♥3♥3♦. Spriggs and Strohm check to the cutoff, who continues for 1,200. Both players call.

The turn brings the 4♠, and the action checks through.  The river is the 7♥, and Spriggs puts together a bet of 4,000. Strohm thinks it over and calls, and the cutoff folds.

Spriggs tables 7♠3♠ for a full house, which is best against Strohm's 8♠8♦.

Spriggs turns to us and says, "You must be my good luck charm.  I haven't hit a hand like that in six months."

Aww, thanks Rodney.

Rodney Spriggs - 25,600
Paul Strohm - 14,500

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