Level 7 (400/800/800)
Total Entrants: 122

As we approach Table 15, David Caron says, "Do you know how he got all those chips?" He's referring to Andrew Ziskin (pictured), who has around 74,000 chips.

"He ran queens into aces and hit a one-outer," Caron continues. According to the table, Ziskin raised and Chris Burchfield smooth-called with pocket aces. Caron tells us that the player on his right held ace-jack, while Caron himself held ace-queen. Extrapolating, Caron three-bet, Ziskin shoved, and Burchfield called all-in. Caron folded, and Ziskin found himself needing a lot of help.

The case queen came and Burchfield made his exit in what is perhaps the most painful way possible, the victim of a one-outer. 

Our sympathies, Chris.

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