Level 10 (800/1600/200)
Day 1C entries: 200
Day 1C players remaining: 60
Day 1C average stack: 66.667

On the last hand of the level, Papa Karn is in the big blind and it folds around to the button, who raises to 4,500. The small blind calls and Karn calls.

The flop brings K♠Q♦T♥. The small blind checks and Karn leads out for 5,000. The button folds and the small blind calls. The turn is the 4♣. The small blind checks and Karn checks behind.

The river pairs the board with the Q♥. Again the small blind checks it over to Karn who checks it back.

Karn - K♥T♥
Opponent - A♥9♥

Karn's flopped two pair were counterfeited on the river, but still enough to take down the pot.

Papa Karn - 81,300

Harrah's north kansas cityMain eventRungood poker series