Level 6 (300/600/600)
Total Entrants: 158

We arrive at Table 22 with Marvin Donaldson telling us we missed his comeback from 1,800 chips in Level 1 to a stack of 13,000 in Level 6. Most of the players join in, calling Donaldson a short stack ninja, and that he's putting on a clinic.

Huey Long (pictured) is among them, but his focus is on the cards in front of him just as much as the table talk. After raising from under the gun and taking down a pot, two hands later he finds himself in the small blind when this hand takes place.

William Monie limps for 600 from early position and Bert Pitman raises to 1,700 from middle position. Long calls from the small blind and Monie calls to close the action.

The dealer spreads a flop of 8♠8♥3♠. Long and Monie check to Pitman, who continues for 2,100. Long calls and Monie folds. The turn is the 2♠, putting a possible flush on board. Long checks and Pitman takes a few seconds before checking behind.

The river brings a fourth spade, the 9♠. Long takes his time before putting out a bet of 2,800. Pitman thinks it over but ultimately decides his hand isn't good enough to call and pitches his cards toward the muck.

Huey Long - 31,600
Bert Pitman - 13,400
William Monie - 31,400

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