Level 2 (50/100)
Day 1C entries: 121

We missed the preflop action and arrive at the table to see a pot developing between Seth Evans (pictured) and inaugural RPGS Kansas City Champ David Caron. The flop reads K♦J♣4♦. Caron checks from the big blind and Evans bets 1,600 from the cutoff.

Caron immediately pushes his stack of around 9,000 across the betting line and Evans tosses in a chip to call.

Seth Evans - K♠J♥
David Caron - Q♦9♦

Evans is ahead with top two pair but Caron has both straight and flush outs. Caron must catch to stay alive. The turn 6♥ is no help and the river seals it for Evans when the 8♣ hits the felt.

Seth Evans - 29,400


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