Level 10 (800/1600/1600)
Total Entrants: 191
Day 1C Players Remaining: 78

Paul Strohm (pictured) raises from early position to 4,200 and the action folds back to Mazin Jabr in the small blind. After confirming the amount, Jabr calls, and Rodney Spriggs calls in the big blind.

The dealers spreads a flop of A♣Q♠4♠. Jabr and Spriggs check. Strohm thinks for a few moments and then checks, as well.

The turn brings a second flush draw, the 2♣, and Jabr leads out for 3,500.

"Oh, you need to be careful," chides Spriggs.  "You really do. You really do need to be careful," he repeats as he puts in chips to call.  Strohm calls without much delay.

The river brings the 9♠. Jabr hesitates, looking at his stack as though contemplating a bet, and Spriggs continues his mantra while staring at Jabr, "You need to be care-ful."

Jabr checks and now Spriggs looks at the river card. "The nine of spades?" Spriggs nearly shouts. He checks his hole cards one more time and says, "My hand is too strong, I check."

Strohm immediately turns over T♠T♥. Jabr mucks and Spriggs shows the T♣ before mucking his second card face-down.

"I had too many outs," Spriggs says.

Paul Strohm - 49,300
Rodney Spriggs - 26,600
Mazin Jabr - 105,000

Harrah's north kansas cityMain eventRungood poker series