Level 7 (400/800/800)
Total Entrants: 172

We missed the action and come to the table with RG Pro Ray Henson preparing to leave his seat. According to the players at the table, after an opening raise, Tim Garles (pictured) shoved all-in, Ray Henson re-shoved, and Pat Olsen called having both his opponents covered.

Tim Garles - 7x7x
Ray Henson - TxTx
Pat Olsen - AxAx

The flop brought KxQx6x, keeping Olsen's aces in the lead. But the turn brought a seven for Garles, and the percentages were suddenly flipped.  Garles's set held up through the 5x river to secure the triple-up and send Henson back to the registration table for the sixth time.

Tim Garles - 32,000
Pat Olsen - 12,600
Ray Henson - Re-buying

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