Level 27 (40000/80000/10000)
Entrants: 423
Players remaining: 3
Average chips: 2,820,000

Matt Donaldson opens on the button for 160,000 and Charles Aron (pictured) calls from the big blind. The dealer spreads a flop of A♥5♥3♣ and both players check.

The turn is the 9♥. Aron bets 300,000 and Donaldson calls. The river puts a fourth heart on the board, the 8♥. Aron leads for 300,000 and Donaldson raises all in. Aron quickly calls off his remaining 2,000,000 chips and turns over K♦J♥ for a jack-high flush.

Donaldson disgustedly turns over 9♦9♠ for a set of nines.

Charles Aron - 4,875,000
Matt Donaldson - 870,000

Harrah's north kansas cityMain eventRungood poker series