Level 25 (25000/50000/50000)
Total Entrants: 391
Players remaining: 3
Chip average: 2,606,667

The action folds to Brandon Zallar (pictured) in the small blind, who raises to 100,000. Andrew Flaherty in the big blind moves all in for 1,595,000 and has Zallar covered. Zallar checks his hole cards, gives a shrug, and pushes his stack of 1,430,000 across the betting line.

Andrew Flaherty - A♦K♦
Brandon Zallar - A♠Q♦

It's little slick versus big slick with Zallar at risk. The flop comes T♦8♠5♠ and both players whiff. The turn brings the 9♦, adding a little drama to the mix. Zallar has a gutshot to go with his pair out for five clean outs. The river delivers none of them, though, when the 2♠ hits the felt.

Zallar is eliminated in 4th place and will collect $14,421 for his efforts.

Andrew Flaherty - 3,150,000
Brandon Zallar - Eliminated


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