Level 19 (6000/12000/12000)
Total Entrants: 391
Players remaining: 15
Chip average: 521,333

Doug Miller opens the pot from middle position to 35,000. Chris Horter (pictured) calls from two seats over and Saied Moradi calls from the big blind. Three ways, we see a flop of 7♠6♣2♦. Moradi checks and Miller continues for 40,000. Horter calls and Moradi folds.

The turn is the A♣. Miller bets 60,000 and Horter hesitates but calls the bet.  The river is the T♦. Miller takes his time assembling a bet, then puts out 100,000.  Horter goes into the tank for a full minute and then announces a call in disgust.

Miller turns over A♥9♥. Horter nods and mucks his hand. When the stacks are counted down, Horter has 1,000 left.  He folds five hands and then gets it all in from under-the-gun. The hand goes heads-up when Scott Buller raises on the button and the blinds fold.

Horter - A♠9♦
Buller - Q♦J♦

The flop smashes Buller, Q♣T♦8♦. The turn gives Horter an open-ender with the 7♠, but the Q♠ river clinches it for Buller.

Horter goes out in 16th and receives $2,249 for his performance in the Main Event.

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