Level 22 (12000/24000/4000)
Entrants: 423
Players remaining: 9
Average chips: 940,000

We're back from dinner break and the action is not slowing down. Seth Evans (pictured) just took down a 1,000,000 chip pot at the expense of Matt Donaldson in a blind versus blind confrontation.

The action folds to Donaldson in the small blind and he raises to 65,000. Evans calls from the big blind. The dealer puts out a flop of A♥3♣4♥ and Donaldson continues for 60,000. Evans raises to 125,000 and Donaldson calls.

The turn brings the 7♦. Donaldson check-calls a bet of 175,000 from Evans on the turn and we see a river.

The river is the 8♣. Donaldson checks again and Evans bets 500,000.

Donaldson thinks it over for twenty seconds and then slides in a stack of purple to call.

Evans tables A♠7♣ for two pair and Donaldson throws his cards away in disgust.

Seth Evans - 2,115,000
Matt Donaldson - 585,000

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