Level 14 (2000/4000/4000)
Total Entrants: 391
Players remaining: 77
Chip average: 101,558

The action folds around to Ted Forshey in the cutoff and he raises to 8,000. Huey Long (pictured), on the button, three-bets to 22,000. The blinds get out of the way and the action is back on Forshey. After some deliberation, Forshey calls.

The flop comes J♦9♦7♠. Forshey checks it over to Long, who puts together a bet of 18,000. Forshey asks for the count and then calls.

The turn brings the 4♥. Forshey immediately checks. Long looks at his chips for several seconds, then announces all-in.

At first, Forshey doesn't react except to study the board. Then he asks how much is the bet.  The answer comes back 85,000.

With a sigh and a furrowed brow, Forshey pushes his hand away and says, "Good reraise preflop."

Huey Long - 169,000
Ted Forshey - 228,000

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