Level 19 (6000/12000/12000)
Total Entrants: 391
Players remaining: 16
Chip average: 488,750

Andrew Flaherty raises from early position to 40,000 and Brandon Zallar three-bets to 80,000 on Flaherty's left. The action folds back to Ted Forshey (pictured) in the big blind who thinks for half a minute before announcing all-in for around 560,000. Flaherty reshoves for less and the action is back on Zallar, who has a stack of 1.3M.

Zallar emerges from a minute-long tank to announce a call, and the hands are revealed.

Forshey - A♣K♠
Flaherty - A♠A♥
Zallar - Q♥Q♦

The board runs out K♥9♣8♥2♦2♣, tripling up Flaherty and giving Forshey a small rebate.

Andrew Flaherty - 1,542,000
Ted Forshey - 90,000
Brandon Zallar - 820,000

Forshey was eliminated on the next hand and exits the tournament in 17th place for $2,249.

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