Level 19 (6000/12000/2000)
Entrants: 423
Players remaining: 21
Average chips: 402,857

Sean Lindsey opens from under-the-gun for 25,000 and Jim Indiveri, next-to-act, thinks for a bit before moving all in for around 95,000. The action folds back to Lindsey and he calls.

Sean Lindsey - A♥T♥
Jim Indiveri - 4♦4♣

The coin flip comes up in Lindsey's favor with a flop of T♠7♠2♣ and Indiveri stands up to accept his fate. The turn J♣ is no help and he needs a four and only a four on the river to stick around. The river brings the 9♠, ending Indiveri's Day 2 in the RGPS Main Event.

Sean Lindsey - 991,000
Jim Indiveri - Out

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