Level 26 (30000/60000/10000)
Entrants: 423
Players remaining: 4
Average chips: 2,115,000

Seth Evans folds and Kristian Olsen (pictured) goes all in on the button. Charles Aron folds and Matt Donaldson asks for a count. The bet is 560,000 and Donaldson calls.

Kristian Olsen - Q♥T♦
Matt Donaldson - A♠4♥

Donaldson is ahead but Olsen has live cards, and she hits them when the flop comes K♦T♥9♠. Olsen's pair is still best through the 7♣ turn, and the Q♣ river improves Olsen to two pair.

Kristian Olsen - 1,250,000
Matt Donaldson - 1,950,000

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