Exactly 20 players bagged chips last night from the Day 1A flight. Out in front is Jamie Kerstetter, who bagged over 300,000 after winning a massive pot late in the night. Trailing Kerstetter on the leaderboard are Jonathan Nguyen and Jon Bennett, as they are the only two players over 200,000. It will be interesting if anyone from today's two Day 1 flights will be able to catch Kerstetter with Day 1B set to kick off in a few hours. The RG Blog will return in a few hours to cover those flights but in the meantime, below is a look at the chip counts for the 20 players who booked a seat for Sunday's Day 2. 

Jamie Kerstetter Monroe, NJ 303,500
Jonathan Nguyen Wichita, KS 294,500
Jon Bennett Tulsa, OK 245,500
Kevin Reece OKC, OK 126,000
Clarence Prevost Bixby, OK 121,500
Will O'Connor Seaside Heights, NJ 120,000
Daniel "Duma" Lowery Peter Pender, AR 114,000
Christobal Romano Irving, TX 98,500
Chad Freeman Owasso, OK 91,000
Grant Hinkle Overland Park, KS 87,000
Mark Martin Dexter, KS 77,500
Jasen Currie Kansas City 72,000
Mike Rieck Louisann, MO 65,500
Greg Jennings Overland Park, KS 65,500
David Caron Kansas City 63,500
Eric Meola Tulsa, OK 55,000
James Dankelburger Wichita, KS 52,000
Mike Berger Edmond, OK 38,500
John Song Fort Worth, TX 28,000
Clyde Jacobs Tulsa, OK 27,000
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