Level 11 (1,000/2,000/300)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 108
Players Remaining: 30
Average Stack: 69,700

Less than one full level from the bags, players are making their move to finish strong before the bags come out. Former chip leader Cherie Baber has lost almost half of her 180,000 chip peak with two of her tablemates raking in the spoils. 

Mike Rieck was under the starting stack as recently as a few levels ago but is now at his Day 1 peak with 120,000. Rieck has a few small RG cashes to his name, but his major score came last summer when he took third in the Chicago Poker Classic Main Event. That bronze medal earned Rieck $109,000 and he seems to have kept up the "big one" mojo so far. 
The saying goes that chips generally move to the left and indeed, Jonathan Nguyen is the current chip leader with 200,000 as he sits on Baber's direct left. The Texan is working on his first career RG Main Event cash and should be a major threat once play starts on Day 2. 
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