Level 5 (200/400/50)
Day 1A Entrants: 67

RunGood's Dan Lowery (pictured) reputation of building a powerful stack on Day 1 precedes him and he is living up to it so far in Flight A. Lowery is leading the field in Level 5 and felted an opponent by getting there on the river to build his stack up to 125,000. 

Picking up the action on a four-way flop of 108♣2, Lowery bet 2,800 from early position and only the hijack called to the 6♣ turn. Lowery checked and his opponent bet 6,000, which Lowery reacted to by moving all-in.

The hijack tanked for a minute and called with Q10 for about 15,000 more. Lowery's K♠7♠ was in trouble but the 9 river brought the straight home to bust his opponent.

Midway through the first flight and Lowery is on pace to have another large chip stack waiting for him once Day 2 starts.

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