Level 9 (600/1200/1200)
Total Entrants: 152

Clarence Prevost (pictured) is always smiling. It's his thing. Or one of his things. Another one is taking your chips.

Matt Hine opens for 2,800 in middle position and gets three callers from the button and both blinds. The flop comes K♦T♣4♠. The action checks to Hine and he continues for 4,500. The button calls, the small blind folds, and Prevost raises in the big blind to 15,400.

Hine folds and the button moves all-in. Prevost quickly calls and the hands are turned up.

Prevost - T♥4♥
Button - Q♦J♦

Prevost's bottom two pair are well ahead of his opponent's open-ended straight draw, but he must fade the turn and the river to avoid being crippled.

The turn is a safe 2♥. The T♦ completes the board, improving Prevost to a full house.

Clarence Prevost - 84,000

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