Level 7 (400/800/100)
Day 1C Entrants: 110
Total Entrants: 327

So far in the 2017 RunGood Series, there has been a relative drought in terms of team members making to the Main Event final table. In five events, it has only been done once. Grant Hinkle (pictured) finished 10th in Council Bluffs, narrowly edging out his brother and fellow RunGood pro, Blair who took 16th. 

In the past, the RunGood team has been well represented with pro taking down titles in previous years. Whether due to variance or just being weighed down by larger fields, the team has had a tough time making deep runs. 

With six pros already on to Day 2 in Tulsa, the chance remains for them to run deep and earn a seat on the RunGood Cruise. Below is a look at the 2017 schedule and the highest placing RunGood pro in each Main Event. 

Council Bluffs (October 2017) - 319 Entrants - Jose Montes, 23rd place
Tunica (August 2017) - 581 Entrants - Dan Lowery, 63rd place
Kansas City (April 2017) - 379 Entrants - Michael Sanders, 16th place
Council Bluffs (February 2017) - 278 Entrants, Grant Hinkle, 10th place
Tulsa (February 2017) - 381 Entrants - Dan Lowery, 20th place

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