Level 7 (400/800/100)
Day 1B Entrants: 143
Total Entrants: 227

The early leaderboard is a formality for the bloodbath that is the late stages of a RG Main Event Day 1A. Sure, a stack now is nice, but the real work is put in when the blinds are at their highest to end the night. Dan Martin and Alexander Coleman both put together a late spin to bag Todd on Day 1A. 

Greg Jennings (pictured above) and Jesse Jones (pictured below) are in the process of avoiding the need to have a late rush with their respective stacks. Both players are in the neighborhood of six-figures. 

Jennings needs no introduction to the RunGood audience and is already on the road to making yet another RG final table. Jones placed third in November's RG Tulsa Main Event and is quite the cash game beast when tournaments aren't in session. 

We'll keep tabs on these two players and the rest of the RG Main Event field as Day 1B nears the homestretch. 

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