Level 6 (300/600/75)
Day 1C Entrants: 101
Total Entrants: 336

Justin Gardenhire is giving it one last try in the RunGood Tulsa Main Event. Day 1A and 1B were no good but maybe Day 1C is the one? Not so fast. According to Gardenhire, he is the "worst player in the world" and Donna Stewart (pictured) benefitted from Gardenhire's inept abilities. 

Stewart limped in from early position and Gardenhire raised to 2,000 in the lojack. Dan Lowery called out of the hijack and the three took in a flop of J♣87♣. Stewart led into the two players for 4,000 and the opponents folded. 

Gardenhire made a show of the fold and claimed to have put king-jack in the muck. Stewart said she had queen-jack which led Gardenhire to give his infamous quote. 

Terrible player or not, this is likely not the last we've seen of Gardenhire's battles against Stewart. 

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