Level 9 (600/1,200/200)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 382
Total RG Main Event Day 1C Entries: 126
Players Remaining: 52
Chip Average: 48,500

Alex Coleman is among the group of players giving chase to chip leader Nick Burris. 

Nick Burris might still be holding down the fort on top of the leaderboard but the field is starting to creep toward his perch. Since the start of Level 9, three players have climbed over six-figures including RunGood's Justin Gardenhire. 

Coming down the stretch of Day 1C, more players will make it to the 100,000 threshold and we aren't that far away from the first player from this flight to make it to 200,000. The math says that Burris will be that player but given how swingy things have been to this point, anything is in the realm of reason. Below is a look at the leaderboard. 

Nick Burris - 170,000
Justin Gardenhire - 110,000
Alex Coleman - 105,000
John McMahan - 100,000
Ryan White - 85,000
Troy Repp - 80,000