Level 5 (200/400/400)
Total Entrants: 106

Arkansas-based, Patrick Dorothy, comes across immediately as a guy you'd most definitely want to grab a beer with. Self-effacing and with a wicked sense of humor about himself and his poker-playing prowess, Patrick seems to be here for the fun of it.

"I enjoy poker and am definitely a weekend warrior," Patrick says grinning. Having placed first in August of this year at the $100 No Limit Hold'em-Double Stack in the 2018 Cherokee Summer Pokerfest, eighth in February in the RGPS $200 No Limit Hold'em-Chip Bounty and ninth in the same month in the $360 No Limit Hold'em-Main Event in the 2018 Ozark Poker Championship, Patrick may say he's a recreational player, but he definitely has the skills to back it up.

"I enjoy playing RGPS. It's a good crowd and always a fun time," Patrick states. Given his good-natured approach to the game, this seems like important criteria for Patrick to succeed.  

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