Level 12 (1500/2500/2500)
Total Day 1C Entrants: 125
Total Entries: 385
Day 1C Players Remaining: 27

The pace of play has slowed as we near the end of the final Day 1 flight. Average and above average stacks are playing small ball while the short stacks have tightened up, knowing that any pot they play could be their last.

To illustrate, here's one of the few hands from Level 11 that actually made it to the river, if not a showdown.

Christopher "Pug" Juul raises to 4,500 from late position, and gets one caller in Phillip Teel in the big blind. The dealer spreads a flop of T♣9♠9♦. Teel checks and Juul continues for 5,000. Teel calls.

The Q♠ hits the felt on the turn, and both players check.  On the river, the 9♥ completes the board. Teel hesitates for a few seconds and then checks.

Juul bets 6,000 and Teel quickly folds.

Christopher Juul - 82,000
Phillip Teel - 77,000

We'll continue to watch for big pots as the last level plays out, but this close to a Day 2 seat assignment, jabs have replaced haymakers.

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