Level 13 (1,500/3,000/500)
Total Entrants: 345
Players Remaining: 53
Chip Average: 130,000

No sooner did Quy Luu become one of the chip leaders did he lost a massive pot that would have given him 400,000. Most of those chips now belong to Brady McDonald (pictured), who is the new chip leader. 

In a preflop all-in confrontation, Luu held KK♠ against the AJ of Wendell Glass, who was all-in for about 45,000. McDonald needed to catch up, holding QQ♣.

The 74♣4♠ flop held for Luu and the 3♠ turn put him one card closer to the pot. Alas, the Q♠ hit the river and McDonald took the pot.

McDonald is the new chip leader with 320,000 and Luu takes tumbles to 105,000. After one level of play, the updated leaderboard is below. 

Brady McDonald - 320,000
Dan Lowery - 295,000
Jesse Jones - 280,000
Clarence Prevost - 250,000
Alexander Coleman - 240,000
Will Berry - 210,000

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