Level 14 (2,000/4,000/500)
Total Entrants: 345
Players Remaining: 44
Chip Average: 157,000

Dan Lowery (pictured) started Day 2 as chip leader and is back into that position less than a table from the money. Lowery won a small pot against two opponents and added about 50,000 more to his total. 

On a flop of K62, the blinds checked to Lowery and he bet 14,000. Both blinds called and the 3 turn followed by the 8♠ river was checked around. The blinds didn't have anything to match the K7♣ of Lowery and he took the pot.

With the blinds up, below is the updated top of the chip leaderboard.

Dan Lowery - 350,000
Phillip Teel - 340,000
Duy Lai - 270,000
Will Berry - 265,000
Clarence Prevost - 260,000
Brady McDonald - 245,000
Jesse McVicker - 240,000
Alexander Coleman - 220,000
Gilbert Martinez - 215,000

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