Level 16 (3,000/6,000/1,000)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 381
Players Remaining: 28
Chip Average: 272,000

Greg Jennings is playing over 400,000 for the first time all day as he inches his way toward the final table. 

Of the players who bagged under the chip average from their Day 1 flight, Greg Jennings had some of the best odds for spinning up into contention. Jennings has been on the move all day from the 69,500 he pulled out of the bag and is now over 400,000 after taking down a three-way pot. 

Jon Bennett opened for 15,000 from early position and Jennings called on the button as did Pete Petree from the small blind. 

All three players checked the 9♠7♠6 flop and the repeated the same action on the J turn. Petree and Bennett checked the 5 river and Jennings bet 30,000. Petree flicked in a call and Jennings turned over KQ for a rivered flush to take in the pot. Jennings is playing 435,000 and is a full threat to make it to another main event final table.